Black Ice Detection Technology

Black ice is an especially deadly menace on the road because it can be so hard to see. To the naked eye, the road, bridge, or parking surface simply shows through the black ice.

The new patent-protected optical icing detection technology from IVS can help prevent this hidden danger from black ice. Our technology distinguishes water and ice from road surfaces – and from each other – by measuring radiance at specific spectral bands.

Onboard and On-road Alerts


IVS optical detection technology uses photodetectors and thermopiles to make radiance measurements. The technology can also use multispectral color cameras with band-pass filters at appropriate wavelengths.

A black ice detection system using IVS technology can be installed on cars to provide onboard alerts to drivers well in advance of the upcoming hazard.

Alternatively, the system can be mounted on bridges and other high-risk areas where ice is likely to form. Electronic on-road signage can then provide up-to-the-minute icing alerts to drivers and maintenance crews as they approach the icy bridge or elevated road.


Proven Effective

IVS optical icing detection technology has been demonstrated effective in both the laboratory and outdoors, with testing in realistic road conditions.