New Icing Detection Technologies from IVS

The new icing detection technologies from IVS derives from technologies originally developed for  space applications. It can detect ice immediately –

  • in flight, in the airspace around the plane (including ice crystals icing), and
  • before takeoff, in the airframe, below snow that has accumulated during de-icing.

Immediate detection of ice can:

  • Alert pilots when flying in conditions outside of the “classic” icing certification envelopes.
  • Help pilots mitigate the negative effects of flight automation.
  • Help aircraft manufacturers comply with the new ice detection requirements of 14 CFR Part 25.

The IVS technology also enables pilots to:

  • Reliably detect ice crystals icing.
  • Increase fuel efficiency and range by decreasing the use of bleed air.

High Performance – Without Intrusion


The IVS icing detection technologies applies high-performance photodetectors and light sources – along with IVS’s patented Ring ResonatorTM – to measure liquid water content and detect ice accumulation. Icing is detected on the airframe, in clouds ahead, or wherever it matters. IVS technology uses only non-intrusive sensors.